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Biographies of characters from The Crimson Orb

Learn a little about the major charactes in The Crimson Orb, book one in The Crystal Odysseys Series:

Nissa Day

Narissa Day was born at Holm Manor, and grew up there as the daughter of the swordmaster and the herbalist. She has two older brothers, Blane and Donal, and a younger sister, Morna.


The eighteen year old is tall with brown hair and gray eyes.


Nissa convinced Madoc the resident wizard at the Manor to teach her magic as he had the boys. When Madoc went to visit his ailing father, but failed to return, Nissa and Blane set off to find him. Along the way, they learned unexpected things about their world, and how resourceful they could be, using all of the skills they'd learned.


Madoc the Wizard

Madoc was born in the East Islands, the third son of the King and Queen. He became resident wizard at the Manor at a young age, and taught the boys science and what was considered magic, using the energies everywhere to improve the precision and accuracy of their skills. He also taught Nissa similar lessons.


The tall man with dark hair and eyes, and pale skin, left the Manor to tend to his sick father. But before he could return to the Manor, he was abducted by men hoping he'd lead them to the legendary Crimson Orb.


Blane Day

The oldest of the four Day children, Blane has mastered all of the lessons Madoc taught him. The tall, blond young man joins his sister in her search for their missing magic teacher, and displays skills that surprise Nissa.


He is enchanted by Carys at first sight, but he is a swordmaster's son and she is a princess.

Princess Carys

Carys is the youngest child of the King and Queen of the East Islands. 


Madoc's sister is Nissa's age. She has her family's dark hair and eyes and pale skin. Hearing about Nissa's travels from the Manor, she longs to accompany Nissa and Blane in their search for her brother.


Carys is impressed with Blane's looks and abilities.


Anabet Haines - the hero of A Bite of the Apple.

Anabet has spent her life on her family's farm on her world of Nokar. She's recruited by her Aunt Gillian to be a traveler through the portals. Bet receives only the basic training, though, before she's sent alone on a mission to retrieve a thief and the portal key he stole. 

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